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Swimming is appropriate for dogs for a variety of reasons, it allows the body to achieve increased mobililty in stiff or sore joints, as well as helping to build muscle mass.

Canine Hydrotherapy, also known as Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy, is great for dogs recovering from orthopaedic and neurological injuries or surgery, soft tissue or joint injuries and degenerative conditions such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, muscle weakness, general conditioning and also for dogs who are overweight.

Swimming combines joint range of motion, helps to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular conditioning without weight bearing or loading. Painful or healing structures can still be performed while tissue heals, preventing muscle wasting, joint adhesions and cartilage degeneration.

By building muscle mass this not only supports the joint but alleviates the grinding degeneration of the joint.

Increased fitness is achieved without the pounding and jarring of other forms of exercise. This makes Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy  an excellent treatment for dogs recovering from surgery.

Heated water is used for comfort, relaxation and aid in pain relief. The recommended temperature for dogs pools is 27-30c. We provide buoyancy vests as it assists your dog to keep buoyant in the water with less stress on joints, bones and muscles.