Canine Cubby has 1.4 acres of land divided into four main areas

  • Respite
  • Therapy
  • Confidence & Socialisation
  • Indoor enrichment area

The Respite area is attached to a purpose build quite area located away from the other areas. This allows us to accommodate elderly or frail dogs that need care whilst their owners are at work or needing to go out. This room has access to a fully fenced yard with grass and outside bedding should your dog prefer to be outside.

The Therapy Area has trees, grass and some enrichment puzzles to keep the therapy dogs happy, entertained and comfortable until their owners can pick them up.

The Confidence and Socialisation Area This area has been purposely built, to build the dogs confidence in a fun and social way. While some dogs are genetically predisposed to being more confident, others are less so. An insecure dog might feel unsure when being introduced to novel situations or new locations, or when meeting strangers or unfamiliar dogs. Some dogs seem less confident when separated from their owners or their other dog, or even be completely unwilling to explore new scenarios on his own, Good news, dogs can gain confidence and social skills with the correct environment.

 Indoor Enrichment Area this specially designed area is full of enrichment toys, activities and obstacles, exposes the dogs to a variety of sights, smells,  sounds and textures that help their brains develop. Enrichment prevents Boredom and can help with canine Behaviour problems like anxiety. We use food puzzles, lick mats, cardboard boxes, snuffle mats, puzzle play station and the most popular hide and treat. Enriching your dog’s life keeps dogs happy and healthy.

Our front concrete area has more enrichment activities to help stimulate the brain and help the dogs develop their body awareness, this area is away from the main area and is used for reactive dogs.  This allows owner to have fun with their dogs in a safe environment.