Canine Cubby has 1.5 acres of land divided into four main areas

  • Puppy yard
  • Medium/injured yard
  • Large hard player yard
  • Indoor daycare

The Puppy Yard is attached to the purpose built Puppy Room located away from the other dogs. This allows us to accommodate puppies 6 -14 weeks old. The puppy yard allows the puppies to run on the grass and discover the real world in a safe environment. They experience flags, noises, uneven ground, carpet, rubber floors, polished concrete and garden beds, just like you have at home.

The Medium Yard has trees, obstacles, tyre games, kids’ cubbies and tunnels. Great places to hide our treats for the dogs to use their noses to look for food in the natural way, bringing out their natural abilities and using all their senses.

The Large fast running Active Yard has been designed with speed in mind with fewer obstacles to run into and therefore less chance of injury. There is a large mound of tree mulch for exploring and digging, as well as a wading pond, tyre games and tunnels, all whilst looking for hidden treat balls and more. A wobble bridge and jumping steps will be coming soon.

The Indoor Daycare area is suitable for rainy days, dogs with grass allergies, and a place for bathed dogs to have fun while waiting for their owners to pick them up. This area is equipped with tunnels, ramps, weave box, balance beams, a ball pit and a variety of toys for their enjoyment as well as comfy beds when they are ready for a nap.

Our front concrete area has more brain activities as well as leg and body awareness, balance beams, stepping frames and flapping items. This area is located away from our main daycare area and is used for classes.