Education, Training & Development

March 2020

1st March - Canine Thinkers IQ Test

How smart is your dog? Come along to this fun event and find out how your dog thinks when put to the test!

21st March - Make Your Own Dog Toys

Would you like to make some new toys for your dog or other special pets in your life? The toys we make will encourage confidence building, brain work, behaviour distraction, learning to focus or just for fun

April 2020

5th April - Easter Egg Hunt

We are having an Easter Egg Hunt! Can your dog find the Easter Eggs hidden around the grounds of Canine Cubby?

May 2020

3rd May - Games Day

Some of the games we could be playing are Doggie piñata, Doggie limbo, Balance games, Fastest eater, Some obedience        (with fun), Simon said, Crawling competition, Dress up, Treat games and heaps more ideas.

June 2020

7th June - Canine Thinkers Team Day

Get a small group of friends together or come solo and we will make a team ,
Have fun challenging the other teams in relay games and individual games! Remember it’s all about fun laughter and a little bit of competition.

July 2020

5th July - Canine Thinkers - Brain Games

Brain Games are aimed to get your dog thinking, they may be looking for toys, treats, or do as I do.  The games are suitable for beginners to advanced, trialled and tested by Spud.

August 2020

Holiday Events