Education, Training & Development

July 2020

5th July - Canine Thinkers - Brain Games

Brain Games are aimed to get your dog thinking, they may be looking for toys, treats, or do as I do.  The games are suitable for beginners to advanced, trialled and tested by Spud.

August 2020

2nd Aug - Dogs vs Owners

This challenge is against owner and dog

Who is the strongest, this will be determined in a tug a war match
How low can you go in a limbo challenge


September 2020

6th Sep - Dog v’s owner to a IQ test

Well this is just like the IQ test for the dogs but now we are involving the owners,
Are you great at problem solving or is your dog better, let’s just see,
Come and join in some fun and challenge your dog in a little competition .

Holiday Events

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