At Canine Cubby we use a dual heated tank hydro-bath allowing us to have 50 litres of heated water at a time.

Why is using a hydrobath better than doing it at home?

  • No mess for you to clean up
  • We wash your dog for you , using our water, power and our shampoo.
  • The powerful spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action of water that can easily penetrate the coat, which it effectively removes dry dead skin cells, flea eggs, and other small particles imbedded in the skin or on the coat, leaving your dog with improved skin, healthier coat, and feeling fresher and even lighter afterwards.
  • We massage the shampoo by hand into the dogs coat allowing us to find lumps on your dog and providing your dog with a deep shampoo rich massage leaving your dog feeling relaxed, as the massage helps to circulate the blood around the body, relieves tired muscles and also help reduce skin problems.


    Book now if you think your best friend deserves to be pampered, I know I love a great massage.