Does your dog have a panicky swimming stroke, flailing around like a headless chook, or does his bottom sink? If he kicked more steadily or had his body straight in the water, he would be a far better swimmer. This is where swimming lessons at Canine Cubby could help.

Dogs are fast learners – but swimming skills seem difficult for some dogs to learn. Is it because it all happens so fast? The pressure of the water against their chest, no depth perception, their bottom sinking and not knowing how to get out of the water.

If you are serious about your dog or puppy learning to swim, and would love to teach them in a positive way, then come to us. Our heated, purpose built dog pools are an ideal way to teach your canine. Our hydrotherapist is in the pool with your dog at all times and uses a lifejacket until he is confident in the water.

Dogs need very basic swimming skills in order to be safe around water. They know nothing about water safety but we do. Please don’t throw your dog or puppy into the water as this just frightens them more.